Club History



I have wanted to put this down for some time but like most people I have put it off until all of a sudden, I got the urge to take care of it. So here it is.

Sometimes it is important for members of an organization to know how it was started and why. This is a short but to the point history of the start of the "Buckeye Farms Antiques, Inc.".

After the Auglaize County Fair in 1988, Vern  Nuesmeyer, Norm Aufderhaar, Paul Clay, Bruce Berlet, Ed Broyles, and his daughter Beth, were eating fish that Vern was frying and discussing how the display of "old" farm machinery could be better. It as decided that instead of relying on the old-fashioned farmers, a new organization should be formed with the sole purpose of displaying machinery and tools at the Auglaize County Fair.

Norm Aufderhaar was put in charge of finding a place to meet, and I think the rest is history. Norm didn't live long enough to see the first engine show at the fairgrounds, but I think he would have been proud of the number of people that attended and the number of displays.

I would like to suggest that the club find a way to give points for meetings attended and displays presented at our different "shows", and the member with the highest number of points be given the "Norm Aufderhaar Award", this being a suitable plaque or trophy to keep alive the memory of one of our club's founders and tireless workers.

I want this to be read into the minutes of the next meeting. I am doing this because owing to prior commitments, I am unable to attend the club meetings.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Broyles
St. Marys, Ohio